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1 Workshop, 2 Orcas and 11 Students

MicroPlasticsJO was Invited by the Ahllyah Scool for girls and the Bishop school for boys in Amman, Jordan to run a 2-hours environmental workshop.

Familiar with the audience composed of seniors high school students, today’s workshop was composed of two main activities.

1) A 30 minute interactive presentation on different topics related to single-use plastic production, use, disposal and pollution. The presentation also included a quiz that generated a lot of engagement and participation from the students, challenging their assumptions and perceptions. Particularly their beliefs towards the “hidden” presence of plastics in daily products.

2) A artistic activity in which the students took part in groups to create two drawings of an iconic but endangered marine specie; orcas. The drawings were made exclusively of single-use plastics collected by the students.

This format is particularly suitable for short format workshops (1 – 2 hours) It offers participants a good overview and understanding of what is plastic and its impact on urban and natural environments in Jordan. It also tends to trigger better engagement and participation as this fast-paced format easily captures attention and maximizes interactions.

The very little amount of material required (tape, scissors, markers) for such workshop’s format also make it easily to plan and prepare.

Overall, the team has been really pleased by the high level of engagement of the students and by the quality of the art pieces produced. The questions asked demonstrated a high level of understanding of the environment concerns plastic pollution generates.

We look forward to seeing the students very soon.

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