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Coca-Cola Company sponsor of COP27

Is Coca-cola the biggest polluter on the planet with + 100 billion plastic

bottles produced each year?

Did you ever realize that the company is everywhere? Yes, literally everywhere. Through ads on tv, Youtube, and also on the shelves of supermarkets and fast-food restaurants.

Even if you don’t drink sodas, you come across products from the Coca-Cola Company such as Fanta, Sprite, Aquafina, or Monster practically every day.

You find them on beaches, on the streets of big cities, on the sides of roads, in rivers, and obviously floating in the middle of oceans andseas.

The impression of seeing these products everywhere is just not an impression.

In 2019, the NGO“Get Free From plastic” mobilized 11,000 people in 45 countries to analyze plasticwaste found on beaches around the world.

The findings were that Coca-Cola Company products represented almost 10% of all the +3000,000 pieces of plastic found by the volunteers.

This makes Coca-Cola the biggest plastic polluter on the planet, far ahead of its first competitor #Pepsi-

Coca-Cola bears a major responsibility for the pollution of lands and oceans on the planet.

Ironically, Coca-Cola is one of the official sponsors of the COP27…. The international meeting currently happening where heads of countries debate and negotiate “solutions” to address the climate disaster threatening humanity.

Financial sponsor of the event, the American company is also aiming at greenwashing its terrible environmental footprint with more than 100 billion plasticbottles produced by its 500 brands every year.

What a devastating symbol for COP27….

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