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Collaboration with the lycée français of Amman

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

MicroPlasticsJO is glad to announce a new collaboration with the lycée français in Amman.

The lycée français is part of a unique network of institutions present in more than 130 countries offering state-of-the-art education to 356,000 students around the world.

For 12 weeks, MicroPlasticsJO will be running workshops for a dozen students aged between 9 and 11 years old around two main activities;

Climate change and plastic pollution:

Through interactive presentations, quizzes and group works, the students will become familiar with the main notions around the climate crisis and the excessive use of plastics, in particular single-use plastics.

Artcraft made of littered materials:

To challenge assumptions and shape new sustainable behaviors, the artistic activities will re-use discarded plastic materials. By creating artistic pieces out of plastic materials, the students will give life to individual and group creations using their imagination and newly acquired skills.

MicroplasticsJO co-founder Xavier Huber will be leading the session in French.

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