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The rise of greenwashing in Jordan

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Don't fall for the trap!

Because companies desperately need to differentiate themselves in always more competitive industries, misleading consumers into thinking that their core activities or products are environmentally friendly is an always-more commun and growing practice in Jordan like elsewhere in the world

These last few months, an increasing number of local and international coportations in Jordan have suddenly become enviromentally conscious. The wave of greenwasing is not sparing big cities such as Amman, Aqaba or Irbid. An increasing ammount of

well-anchored corporations are desperately trying new marketing strategies to survive to the economic turbulences shaking Jordan.

If greenwashing is not new globally, it's striking to see how the Jordanian consumers are responding positively to false and misleading slogans.

A few examples:

🚫 A "green brand" offering products using single-use plastics

🚫 A café based in Weibdeh promoting 100% recyclable / compostable packagings when they are actually made of non-biodegredeable materials including Polystyrene.

🚫 A bank promoting support for environmental initiatives while at the same time promoting new investment deals related to fossil energies.

🚫 An organisation with harmful practices/products using the image of another eco-friendly organisation for PR or marketing purposes.

Some organisations, companies genuinely engage efforts towards more responsible busines models, but next time you see ads or slogans promoting environmentally friendly products or practices ask yourself twice if it's not a wall of smoke covering activities or products harming the environment and ultimately Jordan.

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