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At MicroPlasticsJO , we firmly believe in the tremendous potential of collaborating with the business sector to significantly enhance our action against single-use plastic pollution.

By sponsoring our workshops, you equip underserved participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to combat single-use plastic pollution at a local level. Additionally, your sponsorship serves as a tangible testament to your CSR and unwavering commitment to creating a significant and positive impact.


This commitment helps us fulfilling our mission but also resonates with your customers and stakeholders who align with our shared values and vision for less plastic and more responsible behaviours. 

Their Donations Made An Impact

The shared vision and generosity of our corporate partners enabled hundreds of young participants to take action against single-use plastic pollution in their communities.


With regular follow-ups, the impact of our workshops continues to grow leveraging the donations made. 

We Turn Donations Into Knowledge
& Environmental Action

1 USD = 1 Toke


By transforming every dollar received into tokens, we can provide comprehensive workshops to underserved communities that are eager to acquire knowledge and make a difference in addressing the issue of single-use plastic pollution. Each workshop, regardless of the number of participants, encompasses environmental education and
artistic elements.

During these workshops, participants gain insights into the essentials of plastic and understand the advantages of reducing its consumption for both the environment and individuals. They are equipped with the knowledge and resources to select alternatives to plastic and make more mindful choices in the utilization and disposal of single-use plastics.

During the artistic activity, participants are trained on the creative reuse of single-use plastics to construct vibrant installations that serve as visual representations of the impact of such plastics and foster a shift in attitudes and behaviors towards them, ultimately aiming for lasting change.

With 150 tokens we can offer 1 hour workshop to 25 to 45 participants including



Artistic supplies

Delivery of the work

Impact assessment



Gold Donation

150 tokens 

Number of hours of workshops offered : 1 h

Outdoor workshop.png

Platinum Donation 
900 - 1200 tokens

Number of hours of workshops offered : 6h - 9h


Gold Donation
150 - 450 tokens

Number of hours of workshops offered : 1h - 3h

Final kid .png

Platinum Donation
1200 - 1500 tokens

Number of hours of workshops offered : 9h - 12h


Gold Donation
450 - 900 tokens 

Number of hours of workshops offered : 3h - 6h

Platinum Donation
+1500 tokens

Number of hours of workshops offered : +12h

For Every Corporate Donation We Provide:


A detailed corporate donation report on the workshop(s) sponsored


Compelling speaking points and AV content for your social media and CSR communications.


Public exposure on MicroPlasticsJO channels and website. 


A 501(c)(3) tax-compliant donation receipt from MicroPlasticsJO Inc. 

MicroPlasticsJO Corporate Donation Report

Your Focal Point For Corporate Donations

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