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Through our youth workshops and training programs, MicroPlasticsJO aims to empower new generations from all socio-cultural backgrounds, genders, and ages to become sustainable actors in their communities. 

The proposed workshop invites participants to discover the significance of protecting urban and natural environments from pollution, while also creatively repurposing single-use plastic materials to make art.  Through a hands-on, interactive artistic experience, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the nature of plastic, its uses, and the ways in which reducing consumption and reusing it can benefit both local communities and biodiversity.


Objective 1: Building Knowledge and challenging behaviours

The first objective of the workshops is to provide students with easy-to-understand information about essential concepts and components related to plastic and pollution. Through quizzes and group discussions, by the end of the workshops, each participant is able to have a good understanding of why it is so important to reduce our single-use plastic consumption and what daily individual small efforts can make a big collective positive impact. 

Objective. Crafting fun and colorful art pieces made of single-use plastics.

Once the theoretical part is covered, the participants are given an exciting opportunity to change their perception of plastic waste. By using locally collected discarded and littered plastic materials, they will build an individual or collective, colourful and long-lasting piece aimed at rethinking our perceptions around plastic trash and demonstrating that waste can be valued and reused in an artistic way.

Ultimately. the artistic workshop will shift the student's perception towards single-use plastic and hopefully become advocators of more sustainable behaviours at the community level

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We bring our workshops to you, whether that be in person throughout Georgia or online for worldwide participants.



Our environmental and art workshops on single-use plastic pollution are offered to individuals aged 4 to 20, including those with special needs. We customize the artistic and theoretical content to meet their expectations, fostering learning, inclusivity, and enjoyment.

In addition to our youth workshops, we also offer sustainability programs for organizations seeking to reduce their plastic footprints. Our programs are designed to help organizations identify areas where they can reduce their use of single-use plastics, and provide practical strategies for implementing positive change.

Upcycling workshop material MicroPlasticsJO


In our workshops, we primarily use discarded single-use plastic materials, prompting participants to gather such items beforehand to craft individual or collaborative pieces.


Through this process, our objective is to instill a sense of accountability and responsibility among participants, encouraging them to repurpose the waste they generate into enjoyable and imaginative creations.



We are adaptable and flexible in tailoring the workshop content to suit the expected duration. Additionally, we offer workshops that can span from a few hours to several weeks, accommodating the scheduling needs of organizations and schools, including weekdays and weekends.



The workshop's hourly fees cover: the supplies, the workshop preparation, the presence of two MicroPlasticsJO instructors, and the workshop delivery. Our fees vary based on :

The duration of each workshop
The number of workshops
The number of participants
The preparation required

The structure of the workshops and supplies needed

By filling the form below, we will be able to give you an accurate estimate of the overall cost of the workshop(s), 

For organizations serving underprivileged communities with limited resources, we are happy to explore collaborations that can meet their financial expectations.

Together with MicroPlasticsJO founders Maria and Xavier,  we held two plastic recycling workshops. One was with Zaha Cultural Center for children between the age of 6 and 10. The other was with a group of teenagers at Al-Mashrek schools. Beside their obvious passion for the cause, they knew how to explain the topic to the children in simple terms and visuals to grab their attention. They answered all their questions and were very patient when creating art pieces out of plastic bottles. We believe that all children from an early age should be part of this conversation to develop environmental awareness.


It's not the workshop that sets Maria and Xavier apart, but the shift in perspective that shows how small changes in our daily lives, can have a big impact on the environment, one small plastic bottle at a time. It was a great experience working with them, and we will certainly have more opportunities to work with them again in the future.

Zeina Smeirat

Cultural and communication officer

Embassy of Belgium in Amman


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