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Through workshops and trainings, MicroPlasticsJO aims to building local sustainable actors independently of socio-cultural backgrounds, genders, and ages.


The programs offer participants the opportunity to understand, learn and explore the importance of safeguarding urban and natural environments in Jordan from plastic pollution and climate change effects.


Tailored for young adults, teenagers, and kids, the programs developed aim as well at developing the participant's skills in creating art crafts made of collected plastics.


Plastic pollution around the world and its consequences on biodiversity and people’s health have already been widely documented and continue to be. A myriad of papers are released yearly increasing our capacity to better comprehend the challenges we are facing and how to better address them.


However, in many developing economies such as Jordan, the lack of reliable and up-to-date data makes it difficult to develop an accurate image of the scale, the root causes, and the consequences of plastic pollution on local biodiversity and communities.


MicroPlasticsJO crafts products exclusively made of single-use plastics. From art pieces to plastic baskets, plant hangers, or coasters, the different lines serve three main purposes.

MicroPlasticsJO aims at shifting mindsets around what is considered waste. Many items used on a daily basis can be given another life after being consumed. By crafting products made mostly of single-use plastic bags, MicroPlasticsJO proves that any of our conceptions of waste is biased and leads to over-consumption.

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