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MicroPlasticsJO Shop

MicroPlasticsJO crafts products exclusively made of single-use plastics. From art pieces to plastic baskets, plant hangers, or coasters, the different lines serve three main purposes.


MicroPlasticsJO aims at shifting mindsets around what is considered waste. Many items used on a daily basis can be given another life after being consumed. By crafting products made mostly of single-use plastic bags, MicroPlasticsJO proves that any of our conceptions of waste is biased and leads to over-consumption.


Through the products crafted, MicroplasticsJO aims to inspire young creators that art pieces can be made sustainably using upcycled plastic materials. Art can be used as an extremely powerful medium to inspire change while shaking certitudes and assumptions around waste and plastic pollution.

The sales of products and art pieces alongside the workshops and training offer means to MicroPlasticsJO to finance its activities and continue increasing its impact working with communities.

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