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MicroPlasticsjo Plastic Pollution Workshop

Get ready for a super cool workshop on December 21st where

we'll create amazing upcycled art pieces while learning

about plastic pollution through games.

Maria & Xavier from MicroPlasticsJO are happy to organize their  very first workshop in Manchester after more than 2 years of organizing community projects on 3 different continents.

All you need to know


The workshop will take place on December 21st 


We will start the workshop at and finish
it at 5.30 pm


The workshop will be organized at the Manchester Public Library


The workshop is open to all kids between the age 6-12


Secure your spot for this workshop with a $28 registration fee including all materials.


To register, please fill the form below. After confirmation, we will kindly ask you to proceed with the payment to secure the spot.

Porposal for enviromental workshops in Georgia (6 months) (1).png

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Registration form

Thank you very much for registering.
To secure your spot, please proceed with the payment of the fee ($28) using Venmo or PayPal (see below). Once the payment is received, we will send you a final confirmation.  

What is the workshop capacity?

This workshop will offer a maximum number of 12 spots for participants between the ages of 6 & 12

Is the registration fee refundable?

Regrettably, the registration fee cannot be refunded unless the workshop is canceled for extraordinary reasons.

How can I pay ? 

Once the form is filled, we kindly ask you proceed with the payment through Venmo or PayPal . Once the payment is received, we will confirm the registration by email.

Can I easily park my car?

Given that the workshop is hosted at the Manchester Public Library, you can conveniently drop off and pick up your child in the parking area

Can I pay cash?

We do not accept cash payment. The number of spots being limited and the workshop requiring the purchase of art supplies, we mandate online payment only. 

What is needed for the workshop?

No need to worry. We handle all the art supplies and materials. Participants just need to bring their creativity and imagination.

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