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We are officialy based in Thailand

MicropalsticsJO has just arrived in Thailand to tackle the alarming issue of single-use plastic pollution alongside local communities! 🌍🙌

Photo credits to Tawanlubfah

Thailand is among the top five countries contributing to plastic waste in the oceans, with an estimated eight million tons of plastic being discarded every year. This poses a serious threat to the environment and marine life, and it's high time we take action to reduce our plastic consumption.

Our team has extensive experience working with communities, leading engaging and interactive workshops that combine environmental awareness with artistic activities. We firmly believe that creative expression, espeically among the youth can help drive positive behavior change and reduce single-use plastic pollution.

By collaborating with local schools, organizations, and community groups, we aim to inspire a new generation of environmentally conscious citizens. We'll be traveling around the country to offer workshops that will engage and educate participants on the dangers of single-use plastic and provide them with the tools and knowledge to creatively reduce their plastic consumption.

Our approach has proven to be effective in other regions, as we've seen first-hand how artistic expression can empower individuals to take action against environmental issues. Through our workshops, participants will learn about the impact of single-use plastic on the environment and wildlife, and discover creative and fun ways to reduce their plastic waste.

At MicropalsticsJO, we believe that young people have the power to create positive change in their communities. That's why we're working closely with schools, local communities, and organizations, with a special focus on youth, to educate them on the dangers of single-use plastic and teach them creative ways to reuse this material.

Our team is currently based in Bangkok and we'll be traveling around the country to offer workshops on plastic pollution. But hold up, these aren't your average boring lectures - we're bringing a fresh approach that combines environmental awareness with artistic activities!

Through our workshops, we hope to inspire and empower the next generation of environmental leaders. We believe that by working together and taking small but meaningful steps, we can make a big impact on reducing plastic waste and protecting our planet.

Join us on this important mission to create a more sustainable future in Thailand and ! Reach out to us to see how we can support your efforts in fighting plastic pollution.

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