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MicroPlasticsJO latest Plastic workshop in Indonesia sponsored by No Splash USA.

On July 28th, MicroPlasticsJO co-founder Xavier Huber and Maria Nissan led a unique environmental workshops sponsored by our coporate partner No Splash on the small island of Gili Trawangan located close to Lombok, Indonesia.

Single-use plastic pollution on Gili Trawanga
Single-use plastic pollution on Gili Trawanga

The island is facing an urgent environmental crisis as single-use plastic pollution threatens its delicate ecosystem. Plastic bags, bottles, straws, and other disposable items have inundated the island, causing harm to the environment, endangering marine life and impacting the life of local communitiies.

The environmental problems caused by single-use plastic pollution directly affect Gili Trawangan's local population in particular the most disprivileged communities. Improper waste disposal and limited waste management infrastructure have resulted in streets littered with plastic waste, impacting the overall living conditions of the community.

Thanks to the No Splash, an innovative and socially-conscious organization based in Atlanta that provides toilet accessories made from recycled plastic, a 4-hour-long environmental and artistic workshop was organized and led by MicroPlasticsJO and supported by the local non-profit organization Chili Community House. A total of 44 children from unprivileged backgrounds and living on the island benefited from the workshop.

MicroPlasticsJO co-founder Xavier Huber during the environmental workshop
MicroPlasticsJO co-founder Xavier Huber

During the environmental awareness activity, the young participants explored essential aspects of plastic pollution, creating a deeper understanding of its environmental impact. They also examined the various types of plastic commonly used on the island, predominantly plastic bottles, bags, and packaging, and more sustainable, affordable alternatives. The children gained valuable insights into the environmental challenges posed by single-use plastic pollution, empowering them to become informed advocates for a cleaner and healthier future for their island community.

Children working on an art piece made of single-use palstic
Children working on an art piece made of single-use plastic

The second part of the workshop focused on empowering children by shifting their perspective on waste and showcasing the possibilities of reducing and reusing plastic through an environmental art activity. The kids collected 150 littered single-use plastic bottles and upcycled them into eye-catching outdoor decorations. The artful creations were intended for display near their Community Center, beautifying the surroundings and leaving a positive impact on community members who pass by.

Art piece made of single-use palstic created during MicroPlasticsJO workshop
Art piece made of single-use plastic created during MicroPlasticsJO workshop

With No Splash support, we empowered what we believe to be future environmental champions, that will take better care of Gili Trawangan than the past and present generations.The artful decorations they created from upcycled single-use plastics are a testament to the power of collective action and creative upcycling. More importantly, the notions the kids acquired during the workshop will remain and be furtherly developed.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Puraav Karnavat from No Splash for his trust and unwavering support in our mission to combat single-use plastic pollution. Additionally, we express our gratitude to Mrs. Ain Al Hussein from the Chili Community House for hosting and facilitating the workshop.

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