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Wellington College of Bangkok : 2 Enviromental & artistic workshop for kids - 200 participants

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

In late May, MicroPlasticsJO had the pleasure of conducting two unforgettable enviromental and artistic workshops at the Wellington College International School of Bangkok.

Wellington College of Bangkok
Wellington College of Bangkok

We were invited to address children aged 5 to 6 regarding the issue of single-use plastic consumption and engage them in an artistic activity focused on marine preservation. The workshops proved to be a success, with enthusiastic participation from both the young participants and their parents.

The children, already well-informed about the detrimental effects of excessive single-use plastic consumption and littering on Thailand's marine environment, showcased remarkable talent and creativity in crafting their own unique jellyfish.

MicroPlasticsJO environmental and artistic workshop
MicroPlasticsJO environmental and artistic workshop

Using discarded plastic bottles and bags, they created colorful creatures that symbolize the dedication of the new generation in safeguarding wildlife not only in Thailand but also beyond.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude once again to the Wellington College International School of Bangkok for providing us with this opportunity to run these two enviromental and artistic workshop for kid and supporting our mission towards more responsible behaviors.

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