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MicroPlasticsJO's participation at Chao Phraya Youth Summit against plastic pollution

We are exited to announce that MicroPlasticsJO's co-founder Xavier Huber will be taking part in the upcoming Chao Phraya Youth Summit as a guest speaker, organized by the non-profit organization Green Speaking. This remarkable event open to the public aims to address the critical issue of plastic pollution and inspire young individuals in Thailand to take action.

At the Chao Phraya Youth Summit, We will have the opportunity to share our lastest insights and experiences gained through MicroPlasticsJO's tireless efforts in combating single-use plastic pollution with local communities in Thailand and beyond.

Chao Phraya Youth Summit Program
Chao Phraya Youth Summit 2023

The Chao Phraya Youth Summit, organized by Green Speaking, is dedicated to educating and empowering Thai youth. Through showcasing various solutions, including community cleanups, zero-waste business models, and policy advocacy, the summit aims to equip participants with the knowledge and tools needed to tackle plastic pollution.

Ultimately the event will focus on inspiring the participants to take action by showcasing the various solutions that can be implemented at different levels to combat the problem, from community cleanups to zero-waste business models and policy lobbying.

In addition, participants of the Chao Phraya Youth Summit will have an exciting opportunity to unleash their creativity and design their very own awareness campaign.

This interactive aspect of the summit allows young individuals to showcase their innovative ideas and make a tangible impact in the fight against plastic pollution. Moreover, the most outstanding campaigns will have the chance to win grants of up to USD 200, providing financial support to turn their vision into reality.

Chao Phraya Youth Summit Grant Award
Chao Phraya Youth Summit 2023

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