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Two fantastic enviromental workshops in Bangkok against single-use plastic pollution.

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Last weekend, MicroPlasticsJO had the pleasure of collaborating with EduCraft+ learning studio in Bangkok to host two engaging workshops. Held at a remarkable studio that fosters learning, exploration, and enjoyment for children, we seized the opportunity to involve them in meaningful activities aimed at addressing the issue of single-use plastic consumption and pollution.

Enviromental workshop with the morning group
Credit : EduCraft+

One notable aspect of the workshops was the remarkable understanding demonstrated by these young participants, showcasing a commendable grasp of environmental concepts despite their tender age.

Their enthusiasm and comprehension were truly awe-inspiring espcielly for such a young audience.

The workshops were thoughtfully structured to enhance their knowledge through quizzes and case studies, followed by empowering them to take action through innovative approaches to repurposing single-use plastics. By engaging their creativity, we aimed to instill a sense of responsibility and encourage sustainable practices.

Kids reusing single-use plastic bottles
Credit : EduCraft+

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to EduCraftStudio for their warm hospitality and seamless facilitation throughout the workshops. Their support played an instrumental role in ensuring the success of these endeavors.

In the upcoming weeks, we will continue to develop additional Enviromental workshop against single-use plasticand for more responsible behaviors.

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