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We believe in the preservation of natural systems on which all life depends by empowering local communities in rethinking, reducing, and reusing single-use plastics.

MicroPlaticsJO is a 501(c)(3) 
registered non-profit organization created in 2022, striving for radical change in behaviors toward the way plastic is consumed and how it is disposed of.



Through personalized learning that incorporates interdisciplinary environmental, scientific, and artistic components, we directly address the excessive use of single-use plastic by working hand in hand with local communities.


Operating in Jordan since 2019 and developing projects in the US, Thailand & Indonesia, we have been successfully working with schools, embassies, local NGOs, and governmental agencies to find concrete and scalable solutions to the local communities needs.


From trash collection activities to educational workshops and communication training, we have been demonstrating striking results in safeguarding natural environments and people’s well-being from single-use plastic pollution.

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MicroPlasticsJO workshops

Every Week
We Research, We Empower, We Change

MicroPlasticsJO upcycling workshop against single-use pollution.

Environmental & Artistic Workshops

Using a participatory and stimulating artistic approach our workshops and training offer participants a good understanding of what plastic is, how we use it, and how reusing it and decreasing its consumption benefits both local communities and biodiversity.

MicroPlasticsJO Online training

Online Communication Training For Environmental Actors. 

Because many organizations struggle to drive change at the community level, we compelled the best strategies and practices to support environmental actors to efficiently communicate on single-plastic consumption and pollution. 

MicroPlasticsJO Products


We offer unique products made of single-use plastic bags littered in natural environments. You can help us give life to new environmental and artistic projects by ordering the perfect piece for your home or your office. 

MicroPlasticsJO Cofounders Maria Nissan Xavier Huber

Our Story

Working together since 2020 after meeting on a clean-up hike in Jordan we have put our common passion for addressing plastic-related issues into codeveloping MicroPlastics JO. 

We are relocating in Meriwether county, Georgia
Meriwether County courthouse in Greenville

After an extensive period of traveling across the Middle East and Southeast Asia, executing projects across different countries, MicroPlasticsJO is back in the US and is ready to fight single-use plastic pollution in Georgia.

If you're interested in working together to make a difference in safeguarding natural environments and reducing single-use plastic pollution through education and art, we would love to hear from you.

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Shaping responsible behaviours, one training at a time

Operating in Jordan since 2019 we have been successfully working with embassies, local NGOs, and governmental agencies to find concrete and scalable solutions to local communities' needs. From trash collection activities to educational workshops and artistic training, we have proven that the safeguarding of natural environments and people’s well-being is possible working hand in hand with local actors. 


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